Your AC unit is working overtime during particular times of the year to keep you and your home cool. However, you shouldn’t worry. Your unit should be able to handle the heat if you’ve got the right system.  


However, it isn’t a bad idea to do what you can to lower strain on the unit. This will eventually help maintain its efficiency and longevity.  

Here are a couple of tips you can follow to help you lower the strain on your air conditioning Hawaii unit: 

Expert Service 

Hiring an HVAC expert to regularly conduct maintenance service is one of the most crucial steps to lowering strain on your AC unit. Making sure the condenser coils are clean, evaluating ducts, inspecting refrigerant, and checking components are all vital to the health of your unit. Staying ahead of possible issues can drastically lower the work your unit is subjected to. Also, it can improve its effectiveness and lifespan. 

Enhance Insulation 

You may want to think about upgrading your home’s insulation to lower the strain on your AC unit. Insulation in ceilings and walls, as well as seals around doors and windows, enable the temperature inside the house to stay constant, whether it is the winter or the summer season. Inspecting and upgrading any inefficient siding or windows to your house will enable the cool air to stay inside rather than leaking out.  

Lower the Heat in Your House 

There are a lot of minor changes that you can make inside your house to lower your AC unit’s workload. For instance, during the hottest times of the day, you can close curtains and blinds. Whenever your AC is running, make sure windows and doors are closed. Also, you can do heat-producing activities during the coolest part of the day. This includes washing dishes, showering, or cooking.  

Install a Solar Attic Fan 

If you want to control the temperatures of your attic, you can try installing attic fans. This will help drastically lower the temperature inside your house. In addition to that, it can also lower AC unit related expenses. For those who don’t know, heat gets trapped when the temperatures inside the attic increase. Because of this, your AC will have to work harder.  

Replace the Air Filters 

Dirty or clogged air filters can raise the amount of energy your AC unit uses to cool your house. Replacing regularly these filters can drastically improve the unit’s lifespan. Furthermore, it lowers the strain on your unit. 

Adjust the Thermostat if You Are Away 

Most people are not home always. Whenever you are out, there is no need to keep your AC running. Thus, you’ve got to ensure you adjust it to a higher setting if you are going out for a long time. You can also buy a programmable thermostat if you’ve got regularly scheduled times when you’re away. This will allow the temperature inside to go up automatically if you are not home. This lowers the strain on your AC unit. Then, it will automatically drop back before you return home.